Unit/Wavelet        (Wavelet on Dadisp)            (C)Uyama Yasumasa

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Unit/Wavelet  (Wavelet on Dadisp.) Illustration

Wavelet module Ver 4.2, it runs on DADiSP 6.7.

Please read the manual of Wavelet module Ver.4.2
Manual of Unit/Wavelet (Ver.4.2).

CAE Solutions:

Uyama :uyama33@yahoo.co.jp

Modules on DADiSP written by SPL.

CRF module
This is collection of response functions.
MVA module
This is collection of functions for multi variate analysis.
Japanese version are treated by CAE Solutions Corporation.

On the DADiSP version 6.7, you should use version4.2 of Wavelet module.

Case1; You are living in Japan.
You can use Japanese and English version of new Wavelet module.Please access to CAE solutions. (2016.09.20)
The new English version of Wavelet module, you can get it from CAE Solutions Corporation.
The price is ( 98,000 Japanese Yen + TAX ) in Japan.

Case2; You are not living in Japan.
If you want to use English version of CRF and MVA and
Wavelet modules.
Please access to Uyama Yasumasa.
You can use PayPal for payment.

1. I accept oredr e-mail from you.
My mail address is "uyama33@yahoo.co.jp".

2. You pay me the price of module, using Paypal.
 My Paypal account is this mail address "uyama33@yahoo.co.jp" .
The price of CRF module is 98000 Japanese Yen.
The price of MVA module is 98000 Japanese Yen.
The price of Wavelet module is 98000 Japanese Yen.

3. Show me your address.

4. After confirm the payment, I will send the DVD to you.
   I will pay the charge for express-mail.

If you have any question. Please send an e-mail to Uyama Yasumasa.

Product (Cipher mail system)
"Cipher Web Mail"


CAE Solutions:

Uyama Yasumasa:

The DADiSP 6.7 gives powerful and beautiful expression to Wavelet analysis.
I could write Wavelet Ver. 4.2, thenks to Randy(DSP Development Corporation) and his companion.

(C) Uyama Yasumasa